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NuVet™ Vitamin Success Stories

Tobey Before/After



I have my first testimonial.....................I was shocked at the dramatic change in this dog. I sent this to one of my dogs lists. I hope that is okay! If anyone has a dog or knows of a dog that suffers from allergies, I just came across something that works wonders. I groom dogs for a living and 2 months ago a new client came to me. She has a poodle mix. His hind feet were red raw and had no hair, he had dandruff and scratched constantly. His ears, were, well, disgusting. Thick yellow ooze, and smelled putrid. He was a horror to groom, as soon as the clippers touched his skin he went ballistic. I ended up doing him on the floor with a muzzle on and a towel wrapped around his body and tucked under my leg to hold him somewhat still. It was a nightmare.

Because I have a business phone number, I unfortunately, or fortunately in this case get many solicitations via phone for dog products. Most of them I ignore. This particular time I actually had the sales rep. send me some samples and have been handing them out. I gave the woman a sample and told her from what I had heard about it, it should help. She also bought some of the ear powder I make up and went on her way. Well yesterday she came back for her 8 week appt. and I was floored. He had hair on his feet, they were still slightly swollen but were normal color. His ears had no odor or discharge. He "STOOD' on the grooming table and only gave me a hard time for his face and one foot. I still put a muzzle on him but for the most part he acted like a normal dog. The dramatic difference in his feet, ears and coat was phenomenal. I actually had goose bumps.

My gut tells me, he was in so much pain with his feet and ears and was so itchy, I am sure the vibration from the clipper on his skin sent him over the edge. The woman was so happy she hugged me and told me I saved his life.

I do not usually promote products, but I have seen first hand what a miracle it has been for
this dog. She said she even had him to Cornell and they could not help him. Unfortunately he is a little older and spent most of his life in misery.

I have several other clients using it, I can't await to see them and see how it helped. I do have someone with a rescue Airedale that lives on pred. I called them after 2 weeks and they said there was a big improvement. I can't wait to see him.

If anyone is interested please contact me at [email protected].
Carol Stull


From: Kurt & Sherry Rife
Subject: Re: Hair loss in Weimaraners
I too am using NuVet. If you remember, I sent a picture of my dog's ear losing hair. In 30
days his ear looked great and all the hair is back. Have attached a before and after picture.


Subject: Penny's Story

I had given Penny, a Chocolate Lab, to a friend on a co-ownership in
January of 2006. In June I took Penny and 1 other dog back due to the
deplorable conditions they were kept in. When I brought Penny home her
skin and coat were awful. She had dry, flaky skin and dry, brittle
fur. I immediately started her on NuVet Plus and her improvement was

If I hadn't seen it for myself, I never would have thought it was
possible. In less than 30 days, she turned back into the dog I used to
know. Her coat and skin improved and the light in her eyes returned.
She was happy and healthy again. Thanks so much! Now, all of our dogs
are on NuVet Plus and we send all of our puppies home with a starter
supply of vitamins.

Deven Grimaldi

Dear NuVet, (Saved Chihuahua’s Life)

I just have to say that I believe NuVet has saved my Chihuahua. Back in February I took my 9 year old Chihuahua Toby in to have his teeth cleaned, and asked the vet to take a look at his belly because it looked bloated.

I received a call from her not long after I dropped him off saying that he had a huge mass, she said she had never seen one of that size in comparison to his size. She did exploratory surgery and found the mass to be attached to his kidney and aorta and basically said there was nothing she could do for him. I was told he may live for two weeks and that was pushing it. I brought him home expecting the worse. My sister happens to be a rep for your product and told me to try it, what did I have to loose. I ordered a bottle and started giving it to him and my other Chihuahua.

Not only is Toby still around today (9 months later), but he looks the best he has ever looked. He no longer has eye stains, he has finally grown hair on his chest, which he has never had.
I went back to the vet to get his nails trimmed and she did an x-ray because she could not believe Toby was still around. The mass has actually shrunk to half the original size. He is now called the "Miracle Dog" at the vets office. Thank you new vet, I feel like you have given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for!!
Laura Lawson


Name: Sue Arthurs

Our 8 year old Rott/Lab mix, BO, was recently diagnosed with Cushing's disease. We had no idea what that was or how it affected our baby but we knew he wasn't himself and needed us to help him. We went with the vet recommended medicine and he may have been better on the inside but to us he was worse. He stayed in the shower all day and night. We couldn't get him to eat. All he wanted to do was drink and go out and then go into the shower (because of the cold floor).

I went online to try and find something to help him since the vet told us the next medicine had horrible side affects. I found your website and figured it couldn't hurt him anymore that what he was getting so I made my first order.

Within a week, our baby was acting himself, eating and playing with the other dogs. His coat is shinier and he is so much better. We were so pleased with the results, we started giving the vitamins to all of our dogs and I have just ordered the Joint supplement for a dog we have that has bad hips. I cannot express our gratitude to your company for making such an
awesome product. If our baby doesn't make it, at least his last years were good ones and the quality of his life is better.

We love our "kids" as we call them so much.
They are not just "dogs" to us and we just want to say THANKS!!!

Our Dog BJ

My Poodle BJ, is on it and it has helped him greatly. You see he has a very bad heart and lung disease. The doctor gave him six months to live. I started him on the nu-vet, supplement and it has been about two months now and he doesn't cough much anymore, he can play and go out to the mail box with me. These are things he could not do before He has gone from laying on the couch to being an active little poodle again.

He is no-longer depressed. He has a very happy look on his face now and he acts very happy. He is now 13 years young and I look forward to having him around for a very long time. He is my love. So check it out. It helps our pets with so many things and they feel good again. And the younger pets can be helped by not getting sick in the first place. I love it. You will to.

(Update on BJ’s condition)
I took BJ to the vets for his checkup this past week. And his lungs have cleared. They are
completely clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first x-ray showed bad lung disease in both lungs. The DR. told me this past week that even though he told me six months last time he really didn't think BJ would live six weeks. Now he says maybe a couple years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeeeee

His heart is still the same it has not got worse or bigger. It is still bad but it has not got worse and that is very good.

So thanks to nu-vet I will have my little boy around for awhile and nothing could make me
happier. So give nu-vet a call ask them anything, they will answer all your questions and if it
doesn't work for you they will give you your money back. You really have nothing to lose. I truly
believe it has saved my little boy’s life. Don't wait till they get sick. Get them on it now so they
stay healthy

Kay Breining
Small Dog Grooming by Kay


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