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Shih Tzu
Nutritional Requirements

Most people don’t realize that the Shih Tzu breed or ‘lion dog’ as it is sometimes known, originally came from Tibet. Peking in China gets the credit because that is where ancestors of today’s dogs were exported from, but they were actually given to the Chinese Emperor as a tribute gift in ancient times.

Though small, the Shih Tzu breed is quite a robust animal with a broad, deep chest. Hair can be a problem and should be tied back from the face to prevent eye irritation. Their intelligence means they learn quickly but spoiling can cause negative behaviors.

The Shih Tzu breed requires a diet high in animal fats - a high fat to protein ratio - such as its ancestors were fed in Tibet. This must be given in all stages of its development from weaning onwards. This should be given in small amounts at regular intervals throughout the day. This fat does not make the Shih Tzu obese, but is quickly converted into energy.

Poultry, pork, rodents, soy rice and barley would have been the Shih Tzu’s original diet, so that kind of blend is what will suit it best today. Foods to avoid feeding the Shih Tzu are beef, oats and yellow corn.*

As for the Shih Tzu and most breeds of dogs it is highly recommended that a quality dog vitamin supplement be added as a regular part of their daily nutrition as dog foods alone cannot provide all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrition that your beloved Shih Tzu needs. A quality dog vitamin will aid in maintaining a healthy dog and thereby increasing their quality of life and longevity.

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*Before altering your dog's diet it is absolutely necessary that you discuss this with your vet. Your veterinarian should have all the vital information on your dog such as any previous ailments etc. and should make the final determination on the proper feeding and nutrition of your dog.

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