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Nutritional Requirements

The origins of the Rottweiler stretch way back into ancient Roman times when armies took a live meat supply with them. The breed was used for herding and guarding the cattle that would eventually be eaten by the army.

Its name is derived from Rottweil, a small market town where many of this breed’s ancestors were found. Strangely enough, when the railroad sprang into being the Rottweiler lost its job of droving cattle and almost became extinct.

Later the Rottweiler was found to be intelligent and strong enough to become a police dog and since then has performed many other important duties such as guide dogs for the blind, search and rescue, guard dogs and other forms of assistance. They are obviously highly intelligent and easy to train to take on these various roles successfully.

The Rottweiler’s strength and stamina has seen it able to pull carts laden with meat and other products in days of long ago. These days the breed is much loved for its placid, friendly temperament, and loyal devotion to its family. While it has to some degree developed a reputation for viciousness, that trait is more the result of abuse and improper handling than one of genetics.

This breed matures slowly and still needs puppy nutrition close to 2 years old to prevent bone and muscle problems. Its original diet would have been high-fat foods such as lamb and goat, poultry and cheeses. Foods that are suitable for the Rottweiler would be poultry, lamb, dairy products and wheat. Foods to be avoided would be horsemeat and fish, soy, white rice, corn and beef.*

As for the Rottweiler and most breeds of dogs it is highly recommended that a quality dog vitamin supplement be added as a regular part of their daily nutrition as dog foods alone cannot provide all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrition that your beloved Rottweiler needs. A quality dog vitamin will aid in maintaining a healthy dog and thereby increasing their quality of life and longevity.

Dog Vitamin Supplement

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*Before altering your dog's diet it is absolutely necessary that you discuss this with your vet. Your veterinarian should have all the vital information on your dog such as any previous ailments etc. and should make the final determination on the proper feeding and nutrition of your dog.

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Dog Vitamin Supplement

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