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Lhasa Apso
Nutritional Requirements

The Lhasa Apso springs from the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, where it was bred specifically as a temple dog and for guarding the Dalai Llama’s palace. Its hearing is extremely acute and its high intelligence allows it to distinguish easily between friend and foe.

The Lhasa Apso is a short and compact dog almost totally covered by long wiry hair that grows down to ground level. Its long eyelashes help to keep hair out of its eyes and all that can be seen is a nose poking out from the moustache. The tail is curled over the back.

The breed is more suited to bonding with a single person than a family and may seem aloof with strangers. It is an ideal watchdog, but can also be a loving companion. Its coat needs a great deal of grooming to keep out burrs and tangles. After bathing the coat should be dried with a hair-dryer to prevent moisture remaining on the skin.

In its natural setting it would have been fed yak, bear, lama and mountain goat along with those grains that are high in fiber such as rice and barley.

There are no commercial dog foods that closely resemble this mixture, so owners of the Lhasa Apso breed should feed it soy and wheat, fish and poultry for the high fiber and carbohydrates, avoiding yellow corn, beef, beet and white potato.*

As for the Lhasa Apso and most breeds of dogs it is highly recommended that a quality dog vitamin supplement be added as a regular part of their daily nutrition as dog foods alone cannot provide all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrition that your beloved Lhasa Apso needs. A quality dog vitamin will aid in maintaining a healthy dog and thereby increasing their quality of life and longevity.

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*Before altering your dog's diet it is absolutely necessary that you discuss this with your vet. Your veterinarian should have all the vital information on your dog such as any previous ailments etc. and should make the final determination on the proper feeding and nutrition of your dog.

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