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Labrador retriever
Nutritional Requirements

The Labrador Rretriever is closely related to the Newfoundland, and includes in its ancestry the St John’s Water Dog which was used to help in bringing the fishing nets in to shore. From that humble beginning the Labrador Retriever became much sought after as a hunting and sporting dog, particularly in the area of waterfowl.

This breed sheds its coat twice yearly; or all year round in temperate regions, and the coat is almost waterproof. They have webbed toes to help when swimming and are known for stretching out their hind legs behind them when lying down.

The Labrador Retriever is one of the world’s friendliest dog breeds. This makes them one of the most popular dogs to own, as they are so affable, undemanding, helpful and easy to train, being very intelligent. Known for their patience, they get along well with people of all ages from the frail elderly right down to little children.

Since its original diet was one of caribou, whale fats and fish that then progressed to poultry, dairy produce and wheat, the Labrador Retriever is less able to digest beef fat. While it does require a diet high in fats but low in carbohydrate, it should be given fish oil, fat from poultry and vegetables. Soy, beef, beet and corn should be avoided.*

As for the Labrador Retriever and most breeds of dogs it is highly recommended that a quality dog vitamin supplement be added as a regular part of their daily nutrition as dog foods alone cannot provide all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrition that your beloved Labrador Retriever needs. A quality dog vitamin will aid in maintaining a healthy dog and thereby increasing their quality of life and longevity.

Dog Vitamin Supplement

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*Before altering your dog's diet it is absolutely necessary that you discuss this with your vet. Your veterinarian should have all the vital information on your dog such as any previous ailments etc. and should make the final determination on the proper feeding and nutrition of your dog.

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